Money Saving Means Even When You Face Problem with your Car

When you borrow a car you may be given terms and conditions by the rental company such as BizLink Rent-A-Car Pte Ltd that you have to follow or else they will deny in giving you car rental services in future. Sometime you may take care of your car like a precious material in such a way that you even spend so many hours in polishing its rims.

One thing that you have to know is that even if you give your car so much attention driving it through the tarmac road and the elements that you may meet on the way would not stop it from wearing out. You will never know what will happen to the car as you may even get that you are involved in an accident.

In case you are involved in an accident, there are many repairs that you can do to your car some of which can be small others may even require you to replace some parts of the vehicle. If you conduct your study very well, you will find that the COE is not the only factor that can make the idea of owning a car in Singapore to be expensive. Below are some guidelines that can help to control the loss and be able to save some money in complicated situations.

Your battery dies

Sometimes your battery may die if you leave the light of your car on or have reached a maximum lifespan. Whichever the case that you may be facing having a dead battery can make you pay a lot of money so that you can get your vehicle towed by a towing company to a nearby workshop.

You can be able to overcome this problem by ensuring that you have a jump-start cables in your vehicle so that they can assist you to jump start your car. You can buy this cables from any workshop or petrol kiosk in Singapore for about $ 30. If you have them, you can request for any well wisher who may be driving on the road so that he/she can help you with their battery. After you have jump-started the battery, you can then drive to a workshop.


Singapore is not one of the countries where if you have an old car that has so many scratches is they you have lived a good life. What you should know is that if you discover a scratch in your car and you take it to a workshop, you will be required to pay more than $ 200 for a very door. One thing that you can do to reduce the cost is by buying scratch removing polish; this can assist you to remove the damage by yourself.

Depending on the brand that you want to buy, the scratch removers are sold between $20 up to $ 30. If you buy them, you can stop going to a workshop so that you can save a lot of money. Some car rental companies recommend that for anybody they render their car rental services he/she has to contact them when they have scratches so that they can scrutinise them, they even repair them free to their clients.

Flat tyre

One of the things that one is required to know is fixing their car tyres. It is very unfortunate that many residents in Singapore are not bothered learning on how they fix a car tyre. You will be able to save a lot of money if you do not allow your car to be towed. You can do this by learning how to pump a punctures tyre, interchanging your tyres and fixing a flat tyre.

You can use the spare tyre of your car in learning how to remove and replace the tyre by yourself. This is an easy activity which can prevent you from calling a towing company which can charge you up to $ 50 for the services. If you successfully fix the tyre you can drive to the nearby tyre workshop so that you can fix your puncture.

Another solution that you can choose is by arming yourself with a foot pump, DIY patches and an electric pump which can allow to fix the tyre temporarily so that you can drive to a nearby workshop. Some shops do offer free tyre repair kit for customers who buy tyre spares from them. If you had borrowed the car from the car rental company it is that you request them to give you a tyre spare kit before they offer you the car rental services.


It is obvious that when many people who are involved in accidents they try to look for contacts so that they can call the car insurance companies to be able to make a claim. It is important that before you do this, you first estimate the repair cost and then you do the calculations so that you can determine if it will make sense for you to make a claim.

If the cost of repairing the car is very high, you may wish to determine if you make a claim can affect you No claim discount ( This is the discount that you get from your premium if you do not make a claim). You can even contact the company that gave you the car rental services as they can assist in you in making a claim.

Also it is good that when you are choosing an insurance plan, you choose one that offers cost-saving benefits. Regardless of whether you are going to make a claim or you are not going to claim it is good that you call your car insurance company so that you can report to them the accident within one day or the following day when they will be working. Otherwise, you get your claims being declined by the insurance company for making your claim late.


Sometimes you might be ignorant to the extent that you do not check the coolant and water levels in your car or you ignore servicing regularly the engine of your car. If you continue ignoring this especially in the hot weather in Singapore you can get your car being overheated.

In case the temperature gauge starts going through the roof, it is good that you stop being smart by starting to drive to where you were going as quickly as possible. By doing this, you can pose the danger of damaging the engine of your can which can cost you a lot of money to replace it. If you experience this, you have to stop by the roadside, so that the engine can cool before you top it with water or coolant. When the temperature of your car has gone to normal, you can then drive it to a nearby workshop so that you can get experts to solve the problem.


One of the most important aspects that you should take note, would be car insurance. Be it a rental car or your own car, this is essential and you should not ignore it. Visit Car Insurance Shopper right now to check out the rates and coverage.

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